/* VIU */ 2024 - Algorave - Artists info

Posted on Mar 23, 2024



Saturday April 20th - 20:30h - Algorave

  • Venue: Sala Vol: Carrer de Sancho d’Àvila, 78. 08018 Barcelona


Algoraves are events where music generated with algorithms is danced, including the practice of live coding, as well as other approaches to control and perform generative music.


  • nervousdata is Jasmin Meerhoff, an artist who writes and produces computer-aided poetry and music (as nervousdata) with a particular interest in the means of production of technology and its conditions of use. She chooses a variety of formats such as concrete poetry, audio experiments, live coding performances and small computer programs. She studied Media Culture at Bauhaus University Weimar and was research associate at the Department Arts, Media, Philosophy at the University of Basel. Currently lives in Freiburg, Germany. The computer becomes a digestive machine for text and sound: slicing, grinding and pressing. Power-Cut-Ups and Lumpen Poetics.
  • visual_punk_ltd is Lena, a visual artist based in Madrid. In her works, she utilizes amateur equipment, digital noise, errors, and flashes in search of the only true image. As a part of the process of observing consumer culture, this piece pays homage to the world of mass food consumption in the city. It neither criticizes nor offers solutions, nor does it articulate problems or chant slogans. Instead, it embodies curiosity about the world we inhabit, and perhaps serves as a statement on the theme of helplessness, highlighting the absence of a sense of possibility for change.
  • Xiwire x Shannax is a multimedia artist coming from Caracas, Venezuela, that uses a mix of livecoding, hardware and custom made software to bring about chaotic rhythmic doomscapes intermixed with hopeful arpeggios. Shannax is the artist name for Barcelona local Celia Bernal. Her visuals interlace handycam and stock footage, processed through livecoding to paint landscapes of gothic tenderness, abstract catastrophe and little corners of peace in a world engulfed in flames. Broken hard-hitting rhythms ranging from techno through jungle all glitched up and enmeshed in washy reverb ambiance, supersaws and harmonic oscillators sing beautiful arpeggios while constantly flirting with noise.
  • harte echtzeit is Christopher Taudt, a scientist whos mind is bend in a strange sort of emotional way which allows for inspiration to flow. He is working with algorithms, data, live coding and music since 2022. The series of gravitational wave field recordings is HEs first album-length performance. He is closely related to German live coding hubs such as LOL2 in Leipzig as well as Toplap Düsseldorf and organizes algoraves, workshops and other events himself. It took about 100 years for Einsteins prediction to become true, but in 2015 gravitational waves were detected for the first time by the Advanced LIGO instrument. These waves coming from the depths of space, carry energy and information about the history of the universe and hit us on a daily basis. With my project “harte echtzeit”, I use audio samples of detected gravitational waves and transform them into musique concréte-inspired pieces of sonic art. By utilizing techniques of live coding, I perform music with computer code which conveys the history of gravitational wave detection and the deep space. The music helps us to travel through space and time with rhythmic patterns, mysterious sound textures and experimental structures. The tracks explore space and time in a minimal yet sometimes dreamy as well as danceable way.
  • Nabìr is the solo project of Rome-based audio and visual artist Lorenzo Berretti. Nabìr employs live coding on TidalCycles and SuperCollider with handmade cassette tape loops to create imaginative soundscapes and nostalgic atmospheres. Both the music and the visuals are conceived as a warm and welcoming hug, a flood of memories that passes through the lenses of digital and computer manipulation. A merging of the old and the new, where the boundaries between these dimensions are blurred through the recontextualisation of live coding, cassettes, vhs, sampling, field recording, and looping. These compositions blur the genres of IDM, ambient, drone, and electronic music.
  • Gama Reis is a livecoder from Porto, Portugal. His approach involves transcribing and referencing cherished tunes to weave dancefloor-oriented music sets. He resorts to the Tidalcycles livecoding tool to enact clean room implementations of exceptional dancefloor riffs, repurposing them in new clothes through a set of analog synths, a drum machine and a keen determination to dance through upbeat 4/4s. Gama Reis brings a livecoded DJ set of sorts, built around the combination and re-combination of riffs and loops from dancefloor gems from the last two decades. By “reverse engineering” harmonic and melodic progressions through intensive listening, Gama Reis transcribes them into code to be tweaked, manipulated and reshuffled into danceable experiments, always with the 4 by 4 beat square as a guiding light.
  • Blaž Pavlica is a programmer, live-coder and DJ from Ljubljana. He has released experimental and club music, made music for dance performances and a short movie. He has held workshops on analog video hacking and creative coding with Ljudmila lab and since 2020 he has been researching low cost immersive audio at pifCamp. In the last years he is focussed on different kinds of live-coding: visuals with hydra, experimental soundscapes, sometimes with immersive sound and algorave with SuperCollider. His algorave performance is an improvisation of electronic club music with SuperCollider. He mixes tropes from different genres like breakbeat, techno, acid and jungle at different tempos, coming up with new micro genres on the fly.
  • Trblnt & XaniaH Citlali Hernández (trblnt) explores real time image manipulation using P5LIVE and Hydra. Citlali’s artistic work explores the relationship between the body, physical computing and live performance. Xavi Manzanares (XaniaH) develops generative sonic algortyhtms mainly in Pd, to build custom instruments oriented both for live performances and for automated interactive installations involving Sonic and Haptical layers for a full body listening experience. Their performance will be a combination of live Coding Video with P5LIVE + Hydra and algorythmic custom Sonic instruments (GNRTV.CELLS / Pd toolkit + Befaco Witch FX Pedal).
  • LXT LXT is Leon Volbers, a creative technologist and visual artist from Germany. His primary focus centers around the intersection of technology and art, utilizing digital media to create new and innovative forms of expression. Marked by an experimental approach and raw imagery, his artistic endeavors aim to unveil novel perspectives and prompt contemplation. Fun gifs get live coded with p5js.
  • Damage Such is a live coding collaboration between Lina Bautista (ES) and Timo Hoogland (NL).Timo Hoogland is an artist, music technologist and educator from the Netherlands. He livecodes electronic music and develops generative audiovisual compositions and installations. He teaches at the University of the Arts Utrecht. Lina Bautista (aka Linalab) is a musician, artist, educator and developer who combines modular synths, DIY electronics and computers to make music and engage audiences in the tech of sound. She is part of Toplap Bcn and Axolot and teaches at universities in Barcelona. In Damage Such they use the programming language Mercury to code electronic music live, from-scratch, with the collaborative web-editor Flok (developed by Damián Silvani aka Munshkr). They improvise both real-life and remotely, building a performance where they both write in the same source code. Having taken inspiration from other electronic music duo performances, helped them to analyze how both performers are being complementary to eachother, taking care of different tasks.
  • Savamala is the artistic name of Joan Queralt, a mathematician, and IT educator. Interested in programming and digital culture since a young age, he advocates for free software and documentation. Joan is part of Toplap Barcelona and has participated in the VIU 2023 Festival, the Responsive Dreams Digital Arts Festival, and the Algorithmic Pattern Salon. He also contributes to livecoding language documentation.
  • Alfonsofonso is Alfonso Pardo, an eclectic and multidisciplinar artist from Toplap Barcelona. He creates his own tools to produce music and visuals, mainly in Javascript. For this algorave he will be doing visuals.