Toplap Radio

Posted on Feb 11, 2024

TOPLAP Radio is an online radio program focused on the latest news and stories in the TOPLAP Barcelona commu-nity, live coding and computer music in general. Each episode talks about recent events and upcoming ones, whetherorganized by TOPLAP Barcelona or side projects involving members of the collective. We also talk about news fromthe live coding world, including technical, artistic and ethical aspects. And of course music produced with any kind ofprogrammed code is played. Although the radio show is not intended to be educational, we try to explain the technicalaspects and concepts in an understandable way for potential neophyte listeners.In addition, whenever someone from the international TOPLAP communitycomes to visit, we invite them to the pro-gram to chat and explain their projects and life experience to us. For example, Olivia Jack and Shelly Knotts, amongothers, have passed through the studio. Many members of the local community have also been guests on the program.

The radio show began during an artistic residency by Ramon Casamajó, a member of TOPLAP Barcelona, at theFabrai Coatscreation center, which gave him access to their online radio. The first two TOPLAP Radio programs were madethere at the beginning of 2020. A short time later we were invited to produce three episodes of a program that Hangaraired, on the online community radio stationdublab.es⁴, and that led to us to having a dedicated time slot there fromSeptember 2021, with 2022-2023 being our second season of monthly broadcasts.Usually presented by Roger Pibernat (akaLoopier) and Ramon Casamajó (akaQBRNTHSS) in Catalan – reflecting thereality of a local community grounded in a very specific place with its distinct language and cultural context, whilesimultaneously embracing an extremely diverse, global, open-minded group of people – the radio program has becomea sound diary following and celebrating the evolution of the TOPLAP Barcelona community.